Travel to school

Children are encouraged to walk to school whenever possible. It is expected that our younger pupils are accompanied by an adult. Older children who are allowed to walk to school alone do so with their parent or guardians permission, but the school is not responsible for the children until the doors open at 8.45am.

Road Safety

Children need to show high level awareness of traffic. The school addresses the dangers and safety of the children as an ongoing issue through police visits, talks prior to school outings, etc. but it is also essential for parents or guardians to teach their children good road safety habits.

Parking In and Around School

Parents are not allowed to drop off/pick up their children in the school car park before and after school unless expressed permission has been given by the headteacher. There is a disabled parking space in the school car park, this is available to anybody with the blue disabled parking badge. If you choose to use any of the local residential streets, please park considerately and away from any junctions.