The mission of St Mary’s Catholic Primary School is to grow as a community through our faith in God, giving love and respect to all.  This is at the heart of all we do and underpins our curriculum through the learning, teaching and wider opportunities we offer at our school.

Our aim, as a Catholic school, is to teach the children how to live as Christians with dignity and purpose, within the traditions of the Catholic Church.  We encourage our pupils to practice virtue through character education and grow in knowledge and friendship with God.  We work in partnership with parents developing and strengthening the children’s gift of faith, alongside the areas of learning set down in the National Curriculum. Core subjects of RE, Maths, English and Science are studied alongside foundation subjects of History, Geography, Design and Technology, Computing, Music, a modern foreign language (French), Art, RSE, PSHCE and P.E.  Details of the National Curriculum can be found at


We believe children learn best at our school when:

* They are happy, safe and secure

* They are stimulated, motivated, challenged and engaged in their learning

* They achieve success which is recognised and celebrated

* Tasks match learner’s potential

*  Activities are clearly understood and match the learning challenges

*  They are in a learning environment where mistakes are used as opportunities for growth

*  They understand the boundaries of acceptable behaviour

*  They receive support and encouragement from home

*  All adults involved in the learning process recognise the significance of their role in this Catholic school.

*  Learning Objectives are matched to skills progression and mastering the curriculum as set out in our subject specific         guidance.

We aim is to create an environment in which children are confident to explore, evaluate and sometimes fail in order to understand and grow.  Although our curriculum is based on the National Curriculum, we make adaptations to cater for the needs and interests of the learners at St Mary’s school in order to allow the children to embark on a wonderful adventure of learning, where learning styles and varying intelligences are at the heart of teaching and learning.  Our approaches and strategies incorporate visual, auditory and kinaesthetic.  Some learning objectives or subject content will need to be taught discreetly but much of our curriculum will be linked through a thematic approach.

It is our belief that children’s learning will benefit from a thematic approach by encouraging them to transfer their skills and apply their knowledge across the curriculum.  Children will be empowered to take responsibility for their own learning.  Their outlook will not be confined to discrete subject knowledge but instead will enable them to understand and make sense of the world in which they live and promote an awareness of their influence on the environment.  This holistic approach to learning and teaching seeks to create an opportunity for each child to equip themselves with the appropriate life skills to help them take up their rightful place in society.